About the Art and Artist Dan Carmichael



Dan Carmichael is an award-winning photographer and artist (painter).

The Fine Art Place is exclusively the work of Dan.  He will often use one of his original fine art photographs and create a painting from it.

The paintings are hand-crafted (hand-painted), and not created by using automatic functions in photoshop – like other do.

Because each painting is created from a blank canvas, not even Dan can exactly duplicate one again.

Both the fine art photography and paintings can be viewed and purchased on The Fine Art Place.



About the Artist

The Fine Art Place is the exclusive source for the fine art photography and hand-crafted paintings of Dan Carmichael.

Dan Carmichael is an award-winning, internationally-published fine art photographer and artist with over 40 years experience.  His work has been displayed in fine art galleries and published in magazines, books, and online.  His work has been used to decorate convention & visitor bureaus, hotels, motels, restaurants, park services, U.S. government office buildings, hospitals, cancer centers, business offices, conference centers, the governor’s mansion, libraries, homes, apartments, and more.

On The Fine Art Place, his work is now available direct to you.

A Personal Statement from Dan Carmichael:

I am often asked what motivates me to do what I do.  The answer is easy – I love doing it.  The motivation is simple: I love the beauty of the world around us.  I love creating art from it.

Beauty surrounds those who choose to see it.  But an even more unique beauty can be found when one is willing to work hard to find it.  And that is what I like to do.  I am not like other photographers / artists who prefer to stay on the safety of the beaten path, creating the same art so many others already have.  I like to get off the beaten path, to be challenged, to find the places others rarely visit, to capture the scenes that no other person has.

I have been blown off the top of sand dunes while taking pictures in a hurricane.  I have been stranded in mountain wilderness areas with temperatures below zero in a desperation so severe I thought I was going to die.  I have been threatened with my life by others.

The challenge to create memories of things others have not is what makes my art one-of-a-kind – unique and original. On The Fine Art Place you will find unique art you cannot find anywhere else.

It is my hope you will find the unique and original art thought provoking and uplifting.


One-of-a-Kind – Unique, Original… Superior

Why is the art superior?  Using only professional cameras and materials ensures the quality is the highest you can buy.

The art is neither common nor ordinary.  It is not already hanging on dozens of walls.  It is something special to decorate with or to give as a gift.  It is unique and original.  It is timeless.  It is one-of-a-kind.

Why offer both fine art photography and paintings?

Simple.  People often prefer one over the other.  Some prefer photography prints, some prefer paintings.  That’s why you can find fine art photographic prints and hand-crafted paintings here.

About the Fine Art Photography

The photographs are unique.  Ever seen a picture of a waterfall for sale on the internet?  A flower?  Of course you have.  There’s millions of them.  The art here is one-of-a-kind – original, unique.  Photography prints you will find no where else.

About the Hand-Crafted Paintings

It all begins with Dan’s fine art photography.  From his original photograph Dan will create a hand-crafted painting – a painted photo.  Software tools are NOT used to automatically create paintings like others do.  Each painting is hand-crafted – hand -brushed.  Thousands of brush strokes are applied which is why each painting  may take hours or even days to complete.  The result is an original painting.

Because each painting is individually hand-crafted, they are as original and unique as a painting from a blank canvas and can never be exactly duplicated again. Not even by Dan.


The art is one-of-a-kind – original, unique,  and superior in every way.  One-of-a-kind photos and paintings – professionally created, produced, and shipped.

Mediums available are: unframed prints, matted and framed prints, canvas prints, acrylic prints, metal prints, wood prints, and more.  All available in different sizes.


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