Ways to Purchase


There are two ways to purchase art: the “get it now” method or the “save money” method.  Same art, different methods.  More about that below.  But first an overview:

ALL art on The Fine Art Place:

  • Original, unique, uncommon.
  • Available as (traditional) fine art photographs or as hand-painted paintings.
  • Many sizes available, from small to very large.
  • Available as prints, matted and framed prints, canvas prints, metal prints, acrylic prints.  All are ready to hang.
  • Superior quality.  Made from the finest materials using professional printing methods.
  • Payment is safe and secure – made through PayPal. You may pay with your PayPal account,  by credit card, or debit card.  You have all the protections and conveniences of PayPal.

The Get It Now method:

View the images online, drop what you want into a shopping cart, and pay for it.  It is usually processed, printed, and shipped in a couple of days.  Click the View / Buy Art link on the menu to view the artwork and start shopping.

The Save Money method:

The Save Money method is basically the same as the Get It Now method except that (1) the cost is less, and (2) delivery time is longer.

Here’s how to do it

  • Click the View / Buy Art link on the menu to view the artwork and start shopping.
  • When you find the piece(s) you want, do not complete the transaction by supplying payment info.
  • Send us an email (click Contact Us on the menu) with information about what you want.  We will need (copy all from the order page):
    • The full and exact name of the artwork you want (a link would help, too)
    • The type of medium you want (print, canvas, metal, acrylic, etc.)
    • The exact size you want
    • Your “ship to” address.
    • Do NOT send any payment info in the email at this time

We will email back with the cost and the approximate shipping date.  Also in our email will be the payment info you will need.  If you decide to order the piece, follow the instructions and make payment.  Again, you will be sending payment through PayPal.

As soon as we receive the payment, the order will be processed.

The discount amount on prints (no matte or frame), canvas prints, metal prints, and acrylic prints can be substantial.  Prints that are matted and framed will receive a lighter discount.  If you choose a matted and framed print, be sure to include (in the email) the exact matte color and the exact frame you want.

It’s that simple.  If you approve of the discount and are willing to accept a longer shipping date (usually about two weeks) you can complete the order with your payment info.  If you choose to instead order it immediately with the Get It Now method, you can do so.


The quality of the art is the same either way.

If you have any questions, send it to us via the email contact form.