Top Source for Fine Art Photos and Paintings is Back

Original and unique fine art

The Fine Art Place ( – the premier source for original and unique  fine art photography and hand-crafted paintings for decorating and gifts – is back!

The Fine Art Place is the exclusive source for the art of Dan Carmichael.  Dan’s leading talents have been around for more than 40 years.  Dan has been selling his art on the internet for the past ten years or so.  (You can read more about Dan Carmichael – the artist – and the art here).

Although the website at The Fine Art Place is relatively new, Dan’s art has been consistent.

Because of technical reasons, the website at needed to be renovated.  So the website was taken offline for a short while.  While being renovated, a decision was made. that the articles and stories on the old websites would not be made available on the renovated website.  This is unfortunate because some of the articles dated back years, and were very helpful to people.

But not to worry.  Even though the new website is a little sparse at this point, the tradition to run informative and helpful articles will continue.  So visit the site often to pick up on the latest.

And as always, view Dan’s latest contributions to the world of fine art.

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