Everybody Loves a Rose

Everybody loves a rose. It is one of the most beautiful and romantic flowers around. Choice of colors may vary, but everybody loves a rose.

A new painting of a rose has been added to the gallery and is available for sale. The original fine art photo was used to create a unique painting. There are no others like it.

Yellow rose painting
A painting of a yellow rose. Watermarks do not appear on purchased art.

To view or buy art, click View / Buy Art on the menu which will take you to the main gallery. Also, you can click the image or the link in the caption which will reveal info about this image. All photos and paintings on The Fine Art Place are original and unique. For info about the unique art, read the first blog article Why Original Art. For info about how to save money when purchasing art, click the menu item Ways to Purchase. And for info about the art and the artist, click the menu item About the Art and Artist. Watermarks are not on purchased art.

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