Blue Fog in the Blue Ridge

A foggy view from the Blue Ridge Parkway
Fog in the valley below. Fine art photo taken from the Blue Ridge Parkway near the Doughton Park area in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Watermarks not on purchased art.

Often when on the Blue Ridge Parkway you can see foggy mornings and fog in the valleys below. This unique image is just one of those views. Taken from the Blue Ridge Parkway near Doughton Park in North Carolina, the farms and fields in the valley below are enshrouded in a heavy fog.

This is one of the reasons the Blue Ridge Parkway is also called America’s Favorite Drive. The parkway stretches from Virginia in the north 469 miles and terminates near Cherokee, North Carolina and the entrance to The Great Smokey Mountains National Park in the south.

Although driving the parkway in Autumn to view the stunning fall colors is most popular, pictures like this illustrate why the Blue Ridge Parkway has a beauty to offer all year long.

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