Trains Locomotives Steam Engines and more

Trains in the roundhouse
(Above) Trains – Engines Railcars Caboose in the Roundhouse. Watermarks not on purchased art.
Trains steam and diesel.  A painting from a photo.
(above) Trains Steam and Diesel Locomotives AP. Watermarks not on purchased art.
Red Locomotive Train.  A painting from a photo.
(Above) Red Locomotive Train AP. Watermarks not on purchased art.
Trains - Steam Locomotive 1031 side
(Above). Trains – Steam Locomotive 1031 side. Watermarks not on purchased art.

Having recently sold some train images, I thought I would post a few to the blog. The train images are usually of interest to a particular demographic.

Somebody decorating a home or office at the beach or in the mountains usually don’t seem to choose the train images. They seem to be of interest more as gifts or purchases for a male, and especially to decorate a man-cave.

All of the images posted above were taken at the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer which is not far from Saisbury, NC. The train museum is one of the better ones in the southeast. They have a nice roundhouse and many displays. It is said all of the trains on display are reconditioned and made running before being placed on public display. There are many other things to be seen at the museum relating to trains.

In fact, every winter around the Christmas holidays they run a nice little Polar Express which allows you to ride a train plus have a nice show and dinner. But if you plan on taking advantage of this unique opportunity, act fast. It is highly popular and the tickets sell fast.

Two of the above images and painting created from original photos, and two are photographs.

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