Autumn Under the Trees of the Blue Ridge

Autumn Under the Trees a painting from a photo.
Autumn under the Trees is an original painting created from a fine art photograph. Watermarks are not on purchased art.



Autumn in the Blue Ridge Mountains is a site to behold. The original photo of these two trees was taken along the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Rocky Knob area in Virginia.

The beauty of the fall colors that can be seen along the parkway is one of the reasons the Blue Ridge Parkway is also called America’s Favorite Drive.

The Blue Ridge Parkway runs 469 miles through Virginia and North Carolina. The Autumn show of fall colors that can be see there is beyond description. Because the elevation of the parkway varies so much, stunning fall colors can be seen on various parts of the parkway for over a month.

The original fine art photo was hand-crafted into the unique painting you see here. It was not done automatically by pressing a button but rather crafted manually using different techniques as one would do when painting an original on canvas.

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