The Sun Always Rises

A new day brings a new sunrise.  A special picture taken on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
A new day brings a new sunrise and a hope of better times. A fine art photo of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Watermarks are not on purchased art.



No matter how bleak it seems, no matter how dark is the day, no matter what you are going through you can always count on the fact the sun will rise again. As has been said, “this too shall pass.”

This fine art photograph is of the Outer Banks on North Carolina. Every day there is as a new day, and almost every sunrise is spectacular. Although the Outer Banks is a favorite vacation spot for many during the hot summer months, the Outer Banks also has a spectacular beauty in the colder winter months, too. Plus for artists and photographers the winter months present an extra bonus: a lot less people.

Plus, because of the different weather conditions, the sunrises can be that much more spectacular. To be sure, the summer sunrises on the Outer Banks are beautiful. But in the summer you get extra humidity – often so thick you can see it. It makes the skies a little murkier. However, in the winter time the air on the Outer Banks is crisper and clearer, often affording the photographer or the painting artist a better view.

The original fine art photograph here was a black & white infrared photo. It was toned and other effects were added to create this unique piece of art. Shown here on the sandy beach is sand dunes, sea oats and another spectacular sunrise to march away the memories and greyness of the day before.

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