California Coast – the Ultimate Road Trip

A picture of the beauty of the California coast
The California coast – rocks flowers and the churning waves of the Pacific Ocean. Watermarks not on purchased art.

Blooming Cliffs – a fine art photo of the California Coast recently added to the gallery.

A new unique image has been added to the gallery for viewing or for purchase. Remember,



A new unique image has been added to the gallery for viewing or for purchase. Remember, watermarks are not on purchased art. It is available in various sizes as a print, framed and matted print, canvas, metal, acrylic, wood, as well as a number of other items. Click the picture or the link in the caption.

A tour along the California coast is the ultimate road trip. The rough edge of the California mountains comes right to the sea – the Pacific Ocean. Rocky cliffs and rocky beaches kiss the waves as they break. Flowers line the roadside and the mountains right to the edge of the rocky cliffs.

It is one of the better road trips of the world, and should be on everyone’s bucket list. Plan ahead, though. Give yourself adequate time – days or even weeks – because you’ll be stopping all the time.

Whether you drive from the north down or from the south up, be sure to take the routes that keep you on the coast. There are many small towns along the way, and places to stop and eat but mostly just bushels of beauty.

Check for road closures, though. The Pacific Coast Highway sometimes gets closed because of rock slides and other problems. Depending on where the closure is, the detour route can also be long and take you a long way from the coast.

June is a great time to go. Late Spring or early Summer. Wild flowers are blooming everywhere. As seen in this picture, yellow wild flowers cover the tops of cliffs.

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