Flowers on the Coast of Wonderland

Flowers along the California coast.
Flowers on the California coast put you on the Edge of Wonderland. A fine art work of art. Watermarks are not on purchased images.

Flowers – beauty on the California Coast

A new unique image has been added to the gallery for viewing or for purchase. Remember,



A new unique image has been added to the gallery for viewing or for purchase. Remember, watermarks are not on purchased art. It is available in various sizes as a print, framed and matted print, canvas, metal, acrylic, wood, as well as a number of other items. Click the picture or the link in the caption.

As said before, driving up or down the California coast is one of the greatest road trips on the world.

In this fine art photograph, you can see that the mountains run right to the edge of the sea – the Pacific Ocean. Yellow flowers cover the cliffs. In the distance you can see the famous Bixby Bridge.

Enjoy the view of the Flowers

As you take your scenic drive, make sure you enjoy the view. That should not be too hard because the traffic on the coastal highway usually is not that dense. Stop your car. Get out. Take a breath of the fresh ocean air. Snap a picture or two. But above all take your time to enjoy the view because the topography changes all the time.

Be sure to plan your road trip ahead of time. Every once in a while a part of the coastal highway will be closed. Most of the time it is due to a storm which has caused a cliff landslide and as a result, the road is blocked or damaged.

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