Yosemite – the Magnificent Valley

Yosemite Half Dome at sunset.  Fine art photography for sale.
Yosemte Half Dome at Sunset. A fine art photograph. Watermarks not on purchased art.

Yosemite – a valley of stunning beauty. A new picture has been added to the Fine Art Place gallery.

A new unique image has been added to the gallery for viewing or for purchase. Remember,



A new unique image has been added to the gallery for viewing or for purchase. Remember, watermarks are not on purchased art. It is available in various sizes as a print, framed and matted print, canvas, metal, acrylic, wood, as well as a number of other items. Click the picture or the link in the caption.

There is no doubt to anybody that has visited Yosemite Valley that it is a place of stunning beauty. The waterfalls, the greenery, the creeks and the mountains. This original fine art photograph is of Half Dome at sunset.

Climbing Half Dome

Half Dome is the most recognizable rock formation / mountain in Yosemite National Park. It is one of the most popular rock climbing spots in the United States. For hiking, climbing, and mountaineering Half Dome, there are a number of established routes available. But there is one constant for all: you should be in really good physical shape.

Yosemite Pictures and Paintings in the Gallery

On the Fine Art Place there are many photographs and paintings of the entire area including giant redwoods, sequoia trees, waterfalls, and more. Also available are pictures from the well-known Glacier Point Road as well as Tioga Pass. This entire area in the Sierra Nevada mountains is well worth touring and seeing. But be sure to check closure data before going. Typically both Glacier Point Road and Tioga Pass are closed during the winter snow season. You often have to wait until June and sometimes until July before the roads are plowed, safe to travel, and open.

To view or buy art, click View / Buy Art on the menu which will take you to the main gallery. Also, you can click the image or the link in the caption which will reveal info about this image. All photos and paintings on The Fine Art Place are original and unique. For info about the unique art, read the first blog article Why Original Art. For info about how to save money when purchasing art, click the menu item Ways to Purchase. And for info about the art and the artist, click the menu item About the Art and Artist. Watermarks are not on purchased art.

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