About Us

The Fine Art Place is the exclusive source for the fine art photography and hand-crafted paintings of Dan Carmichael.

Original art.  Unique art.  Superior art.

At The Fine Art Place our philosophies are simple:

  • To produce art that is original and unique
  • To produce the highest quality art – superior art
  • To produce the highest quality fine art photography
  • To produce the highest quality hand-crafted paintings
  • To provide the art at an affordable price

Why “original & unique?”

Simple.  The internet is full of photos and paintings.  A dozen people you know have pictures of waterfalls. Two dozen have pictures of Spring-time fields filled with flowers.  And even more have closeups of Petunias, Daisies, and Daffodils.  When you enter a room with art such as that, does it capture your attention?  Of course not.  Why not?  Because everybody has it.  It’s not original.  Its all been seen before.

If you want to decorate with or give a gift that is the same as everybody else, it’s easy to do .  You might even find that same-old art at your local big box discount superstore.

That’s not what you’ll get at The Fine Art Place.  The photos and paintings here are original and unique, and cannot be found anywhere else.

For more information about the art, the artist, the creativity and originality click the About the Art and Artist link on the menu.

Other reasons to purchase original / unique art

  • It’s inspirational.  It reduces stress.  It inspires you to look at the world in a different way.
  • Original art has a positive effect on your environment – and you.
  • Decorating with unique art reflects your personality – and lets everybody else know you’re different.
  • Good art “warms” your space.  It makes your home or office beautiful.
  • Original / unique art is a conversation starter.
  • Buying good art supports good artists.  Buying that same-old same-old at the big box store only enriches corporations.
  • Original art feels handmade.  The big box store stuff and the similar art everybody else has is probably mass-produced junk.
  • When you buy it, you own it.  It’s yours!
  • Original art can be a good investment.  It often increases in value.
  • Scenic art inspires you to set goals.  To get away from your daily grind to relax on that beach or hike through those beautiful mountains.
  • If it sparks a memory of a vacation you took, it can cheer you up when you need it the most.

The above list is the reason why the art here is unique and original.  None of the above is true when it’s the same old stuff everybody else has.