Spring Is Here

A foggy country road along the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Spring is the season of green trees and flowers. This image is available on the Fine Art Place. Watermarks not on purchased art.

Spring is here – at long last!

A new unique image has been added to the gallery for viewing or for purchase. Remember,



A new unique image has been added to the gallery for viewing or for purchase. Remember, watermarks are not on purchased art. It is available in various sizes as a print, framed and matted print, canvas, metal, acrylic, wood, as well as a number of other items. Click the picture or the link in the caption.

Well, maybe not at the exact date of this posting, but spring is just a few weeks away! Warmer weather, flowers, green trees, longer days, more sun. The long, cold, dark days of winter will soon be gone and the season of flowers and green will soon be upon us!

The above image (which is available in the Fine Art Place galleries) represents what spring is all about. The beauty of newly-formed buds on trees, colorful flowers everywhere, and the ability to venture outside without layers of clothing.

The Blue Ridge Parkway which runs through Virginia and North Carolina is a premier spot to enjoy the season. The seasons change a little later because of the higher altitude of the parkway, but the enjoyment is still there. Because of the increased altitude of the mountains, it also takes a little longer to warm up.

Wild flowers bloom everywhere. They include types of flowers that are not commonly seen in the residential flat lands. Often the morning can be adorned with fog along the parkway. If you are a photographer of painter, the environment is ripe with beauty.

And there can also be sunsets along the Blue Ridge Parkway that will be a memory, photograph, or painting that will last a lifetime.

In the galleries of The Fine Art Place are many photographs of mountains and oceans during all seasons of the year.

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